New landing page

Skyblock AH history´s new landing page is really awesome (I may be biased though)


We made a new landing page#

It was long overdue. Since we never really had a landing page this might as well be called 'finally a landing page'. Just redirecting to Aspect of the End was pretty confusing for some users. So we set out to change this.
The new site is displayed when you visit the Skyblock AH History.

It features a lot of things you can click on, including.

As everything on the site this is subject to change.
Just like our naming just changed. Turns out Hypixel Skyblock Auction House History tracker is hard to say in one breath. The new name we go by is Skyblock AH History or just AH history. Wich is way easier to both pronounce and write.

The Hypixel Network is down#

We made sure any time-based services on the network are taken care of. This means pausing boosters, pausing the SkyBlock Auction House and Bazaar timers, pausing timers on MVP++ and daily rewards, etc.

While writing this hypixel conducts maintenance to its servers. Since our premium plan isn't of much use when there are no new auctions, we are extending the subscriptions of our premium users for as long as this maintenance will last/lasted.

Feature of the day#

Drummroll please:

Search without visiting the site.

While a fast autocomplete search bar is nice, first visiting the main page just to enter a search term is a hassle. And frankly its not only a hassle it is also completely unecessary to do so.
You can utilize the url to trigger a search.
For example say you want to get to Jerry-chine Gun you can just type in the url hit enter and our autocomomplete will do the rest for you.
Please note that opening a page via /i/ always chooses the first search result that you would get on the website. The order of wich can change and is ranked by how often a given item or player is searched for. Currently will lead you to Technoblade but this might not be the case in a few weeks/months. So don't get confused when you end up on another page then you thought you would.