Commiting to transparancy

We pledge to be as transparent and open as possible


Some mission statements that we will refer to going forward.

Working in the open#

We intend to be 100% transparent.
This is actually really easy when using github to collaborate. In fact this blog is a repository on github as well. You can check the history of this post or any other and fix typos if you find any. Some considerations we made are


Anyone can verify any claims we make

This forces us to be honest and gives you prove that we are.

Anyone can check our code for errors

No matter if you are just bored or like to correct others. You are free to browse through anything we built.


Everyone can see our mistakes

While I myself were very afraid of this at first it turns out that this is a Pro as well. The ultimate target is to produce good code. And unlike with cookie many coders usually produce better code.

Code in the open#

Pretty much all our code is or will be published under the AGPL-3 license. This means it is free to use, copy, modify and redistribute in any form, as long as you also publish any modifications you made (with the same license).

you can take our code if you also allow us to take yours. Win-Win.

What happens when#

Competitor copies and uses our code#

What about that? That basically proves our system is better than his. Which is a fantastic argument when getting new customers.

He sells the code#

Nothing wrong with that either, as long as he tells the buyer that it is licensed under the AGPL-3. That will also require him to mention that we wrote it.

We get bought#

Not a lot changes either. The licensing of the existing code is still AGPL-3. With audacity recently being bought up and a questionable licensing agreement being made we put some consideration into this. We belive in retaining ownership and partnering with others to accomplish something else is the better way to go. Both parties are motivated to accomplish a common goal and not to screw each other over in a licensing agreement.

Speaking of partnering#

If you are or want to develop something but lack the expertise to publish it feel free to contact us. We were there as well and it would have been really great to get someone to help. The only catch being that when we help you to reach success we want to have a cut. If it doesn't work out, sad, but whatever. Please note that this is just a general offer to partner, we might not have time to help you to the extend you hope for. We are not teaching you how to code 101. We want to help you build something amazing.