New Filter system

The new filter system is online


The filter Update#

Filters allow you to find a reference price for some item you have, or are being offered.

What changed#

Clearer options#

You could filter auctions by enchantments and reforges before. But all items displayed the filter option, not just those which can be enchanted/reforged. The new filter is more optimized and (mostly) only display on the items it actually makes sense. Its also much easier for us to add new filters for other item attributes such as the uId. We will add more filters soon.

Faster filtering#

It worked great, at first, but got slower over time as the filter tried to get through more and more auctions. Still if you filter for longer time periods the answer will take longer. It could take multiple minutes to search through the whole history of enchanted books. To prevent you from waiting for long periods of time filtering on All Time got disabled. We are held back by increasing server costs to store all these 210+ million auctions. So please consider purchasing a premium plan to help us.

How do I add a filter#

  1. You click on (+) Add Filter.
  2. You select a filter from the dropdown.
  3. You modify the filter value
  4. You hit Apply
  5. You look at the new graph
  6. You click on a recent auction and verify that the filter was correct

This, as the rest of the site, is still work in progress. If you find an incorrect filter result please copy the URL and send it to us

What filters do exist#

In theory every attribute of an item can be filtered for. Currently existing filters are:

Not all filters are available for all items.

Filter by uId#

One of the first filters we added is the UId filter. The uId (short for unique identifier) is a special attribute of most non stackable items that is, well, unique. Its part of the so called NBT data.

What is it useful for?#

The uId is useful for tracing an item back/forward from seller to (re-)seller. It can revel who applied what onto an item. Or if you got scammed find where your stuff ended up.

Cool, How do I find it?#

You currently have to:

  1. Go to an auction you want to get the uId for
  2. Open Item-Details
  3. Next to NBT-Data: Click Click to show

If the item has an uId you will find it there. But not all auctions have one.

Technical stuff#

It is derived from the uuId (universal unique identifier) and represents the last 12 characters of it. A normal uuId has 32 chars but since we store so many items we decided to save on storage cost. Twelve characters are enough to clearly identify an item.

The Hypixel Network back up again#

Hypixel is in the process of opening back up again. All our premium plan users got an extra 7 days added to their initial plan.